Fashion consumers are gaining more and more awareness of the environmental impact of their purchases: they choose to buy garments produced by environmentally responsible brands.

We firmly commit to reducing the environmental impact of textile production, and we develop products compliant with the strictest standards of main international certification bodies.

Under the greennovative concept, we constantly improve our sustainable chemicals and processes portfolio for garment dyeing.


    is our reactive dyestuff range for the nebulization system. Now we can dye by micronization systems without using a single gram of electrolyte to reuse wastewaters.

    This new dyeing process has been designed to dye through nanobubble technologies at room temperature with significant water reduction: the garments receive the exact amount of water and chemicals they need.

    ASUFIX MICRO provides completely penetrated reactive dyeing and deep color shades with excellent washing fastness.


    is our dischargeable reactive dyestuff range.

    It can be dyed directly on cotton or on cationized fibres depending on the desired

    effect and properties. With one single range, we can cover a big variety of fashion requirements. No matter if it is on woven or knitted fabrics, with ASUFIX DEL we can fulfill the strictest demands.


    The high-performance pigmentary process to achieve deeper shades with a weary look on garments.

    It allows to dye pigments with awesome exhaustion and excellent reproducibility batch to batch, keeping machinery cleaner than the rest of conventional pigment processes.

    As a more sustainable alternative, the Cool Pigment process allows to dye light to medium shades in one single bath and at 40ºC. Cationization, dyeing, fixing, bio polishing, and even softening are carried out in one single step, reverting into significant energy, water, and time savings.


    obtains an acid wash effect on oxidant-sensitive dyestuff, without using Potassium Permanganate.

    ASUMAGIC ECO is free from hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, formaldehyde, APEO, AOX, carcinogenic substances, and safe for the operator, as it provides a better work environment.

    It Increases productivity: a faster and reproducible way to obtain the same worn-out effects as conventional processes with a considerable saving of time, water, and energy.


    allows a bio polish process without water.

    No temperature is required during application as the temperature comes from the dyeing process.

    It does not affect the original shade of garments, respects the tear strength of fabrics, and provides an excellent effect of abrasion and weary appearance to the dyed garments.


    s the new sustainable way to obtain fade-out effects and weary look without Potassium Permanganate.

    The environmental impact is reduced by avoiding both potassium permanganate and chlorine and the product is free from heavy metals, formaldehyde APEO, AOX, carcinogenic substances.


    This process allows dyeing synthetic fibres with pigments by exhaustion and provides a weary effect with hi-lows in seams and trimmings as well as the characteristic frosty effect from pigments on synthetic goods. In addition, the whole process is a more sustainable method than conventional synthetic dyeing processes. Machines used to dye with ASUFROST remain very clear despite using pigments and fastness values, in general, are better as compared to conventional pigment dyeing on cotton. Goods dyed with ASUFROST maintain original hydrophilicity and breathability.


    is a process that uses the exact amount of dyes, chemicals,

    and water that garments need, resulting in zero wastewater coming out of the dyeing process. It’s used to get white seams effect on both cotton and polyester garments. The resulting fastness is improved, and the garments treated maintain original hydrophilicity for better moisture management.

    For exhaustion application, we provide our certified steady and reliable range: ASUPRINT ECO BS.


    are certified soluble dyes specifically modified to dye cationized fibres to achieve very superficial dyeing which is easily washed down, offering very nice contrast in seams and trimmings.

    This range of dyes was created to obtain deeper shades with the same worn-out effect than pigments but with several advantages, like perfect final shade, easier stripping,

    cleaner machinery and better rubbing fastness compared to pigments.

    ASUDEL dyes can be applied on any kind of substrate using different types of machines