In line with the current regulatory framework, the Board of Administration of APLICACIÓN Y SUMINISTROS TEXTILES, SAU (hereinafter, ASUTEX) has approved this ETHICAL CODE at the request of the Compliance Committee to uphold ethical principles and values in business activities. The ETHICAL CODE sets out the general guidelines for decision-making and interactions with ASUTEX personnel, suppliers, customers and business partners. The ETHICAL CODE serves as the highest-level regulatory tool within the company’s structure. It represents the company’s commitment to obeying laws and the ethical values it espouses.
The ETHICAL CODE, together with the internal policies and processes in which it is implemented, applies to all ASUTEX personnel regardless of their position within the company or their geographic location, and must be accepted by anyone who joins the company’s organisational structure. The application of the ETHICAL CODE will be extended, wherever feasible, to our stakeholders, particularly to our suppliers and distributors.
ASUTEX’s mission is to provide quality chemical products to the textile industry while upholding the ethics and transparency that have always defined this company. In a constantly evolving globalised world that prioritises environmental respect and long-term sustainability, it is imperative to adapt to these principles to remain competitive in the market. RESILIENCE is defined as the “Ability of an organism to adapt to a disturbing agent or adverse state or situation”. Thus, our vision is the capability to overcome obstacles or adverse situations encountered in the day-to-day management and development of the company, doing so through the lenses of sustainability, innovation and quality, which serve as the key pillars of the leadership that a global company like ASUTEX strives to achieve in both internal and external arenas where its activities are conducted. In essence, it is the capacity for continual improvement and gradual adaptation to regulatory, cultural and generational changes, as well as involuntary shifts resulting from acts of war, material shortages or health alerts, all while upholding excellence, respect and honesty in our work.
1. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Adhering to current legislation and upholding human rights represent the fundamental principles of this ETHICAL CODE, compulsory for all ASUTEX personnel. This obligation also applies to the protocols, regulations or processes in which the ETHICAL CODE is implemented.

ASUTEX personnel will endeavour to sustain a work environment conducive to the holistic development of individuals, respecting their dignity under all circumstances and fostering teamwork. The core principles when interacting with colleagues include: - Providing dignified, secure and healthy working conditions, both physically and mentally. - Adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of discriminatory behaviour based on factors such as sex, identity, race, ethnicity, ideology, belief, nationality, age, physical attributes, appearance, health conditions, etc. - Prohibiting the employment of minors in any capacity, in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of 20 November 1989. - Fostering personnel training within their respective work domains. - Promoting teamwork. - Advocating for policies that ensure fairness, equal opportunities, internal advancement and acknowledgement of commendable work. ASUTEX is dedicated to addressing any conduct that deviates from the aforementioned principles through the designated channels for such matters.
Respecting the natural environment, practising minimal and conscientious resource consumption and consistently monitoring environmental impact are ASUTEX’s primary focuses in its industrial and economic development. ASUTEX prioritises the use of the best available technology and monitors production processes to identify more environmentally friendly industrial solutions. Given the significant use of water resources in the chemical industry, it’s imperative to raise awareness among all personnel about responsible usage. Hence, all ASUTEX personnel must consider the environmental impact of their actions before proceeding, and only when it aligns with these principles in a responsible manner may it be carried out. ASUTEX places particular emphasis on regulatory compliance regarding sustainability and environmental matters and holds the ISO 14001 environmental certification. We are affiliated with and adhere to the regulations and product certifications of various international public and private organisations aimed at protecting the environment and individuals by strictly controlling substances and their quantities present in the products used in the textile chemical industry.
ASUTEX dedicates its utmost efforts to drive research, development and innovation activities, personnel training to enhance their expertise, and closely monitors production processes to ensure that the products manufactured here meet the necessary quality requirements in order to minimise defects, failed productions and ultimately optimise the available human, material and technological resources. A dedicated R&D team works towards various goals, including reducing water usage in some of our production processes.
ASUTEX promotes and ensures the health and safety of its workers and all those who may be affected by its activity and business. ASUTEX will implement the necessary and/or required measures for the prevention of occupational hazards, industrial safety and product safety in the course of its operations. Employees and other external collaborators undertake to respect and comply with health and safety regulations, procedures and work instructions during their working hours. Workers and other collaborators of ASUTEX are obligated to use the appropriate and necessary personal and collective protective equipment for their workstations, ensuring their own safety and that of others.
ASUTEX has a data protection policy in line with applicable legislation, outlining how the company manages data acquired from employees, external collaborators or partners. This ETHICAL CODE references the policy to avoid duplication. Confidential data includes information pertaining to trade secrets (such as industrial inventions, know-how, commercial, financial and internal organisational details), as well as industrial and intellectual property rights. Data accessed by ASUTEX from external sources will be treated confidentially in compliance with current legislation and any confidentiality agreements with third parties. ASUTEX also maintains a policy on the use of IT resources, as referenced in this ETHICAL CODE.
The relationships with external collaborators of ASUTEX are governed by principles of transparency, information, objectivity, impartiality, fair competition and honesty. ASUTEX aims to deliver a quality product with all necessary technical and safety information, along with a personalised sales and after-sales service in line with these principles. ASUTEX selects suppliers based on product quality, implementing approval processes and procuring services, raw materials and goods in the most advantageous manner for ASUTEX while upholding these values. Behaviours involving bribery or being bribed are strictly prohibited. ASUTEX will not induce third parties to engage in inappropriate actions aimed at bribing others for the company’s benefit. ASUTEX prohibits agreements among competitors, whether formal or informal, intended to prevent, restrict or distort competition and influence market behaviour. Compliance with competition rules is a top priority for ASUTEX, hence the following actions are prohibited: - Unauthorised access to competitors’ confidential information (e.g., business strategies through third parties) - Industrial espionage - Disclosure of trade secrets - Misuse of privileged information to harm third parties - False advertising - Spreading false rumours about products, services, market conditions, etc. - Manipulating economic and financial information about competitors - Engaging in any unfair practices that confer a competitive market advantage to the company ASUTEX refrains from engaging in abusive conduct of dominant position, which involves exploiting its dominant market position to harm one or more companies. Internal controls are established to prevent situations that may potentially constitute acts of money laundering, informing the relevant authorities of any cases that come to light.
Company personnel will always safeguard the interests of ASUTEX, nurturing its good reputation and refraining from acting against it. Business transactions where personal interests (or those of related individuals) take precedence over the company’s interests will be avoided. In instances of conflict of interest: - Employees are expected to demonstrate integrity and independence. - Steps are taken to avoid personal relationships with customers and suppliers that could potentially compromise impartial decision-making. - Workers are obligated to prioritise the company’s interests over personal ones. Related individuals include: (i) spouses or individuals in similar affective relationships, (ii) relatives up to the fourth degree by blood or affinity, (iii) individuals with whom there is an intimate friendship and their spouses or partners, (iv) legal entities in which personnel have a special interest or relationship, holding positions as shareholders or directors, and (v) generally, any relationship that might hinder ASUTEX’s interests from prevailing over personal ones.
ASUTEX firmly opposes any action aimed at gaining an advantage in the market through unlawful behaviour. We conduct our operations transparently and objectively; therefore, the company will not engage in promising, offering, delivering, receiving, requesting or accepting any form of benefits or advantages (such as gifts, favours, remuneration or compensations) from customers, suppliers or third parties in general. We adhere to a policy that denounces all forms of corruption, whether in private transactions with customers or suppliers, or in public interactions with authorities. Consequently, no advantages or benefits will be provided to gain a competitive edge or achieve an objective. 10. COMPLIANCE WITH THE ETHICAL CODE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ETHICS CHANNEL The ETHICAL CODE is compulsory for all ASUTEX staff. Under compliance regulations, a Compliance Committee has been established to periodically review compliance with applicable rules and the effectiveness of the Ethics Channel, available both in-person and digitally. This channel serves as a means for employees to securely and confidentially report any breaches of the ETHICAL CODE to the company. Any employee may verbally approach the individual in charge of the internal information system. Alternatively, they can electronically submit their communications to canaletico@asutex.com or through the blockchannel portal on ASUTEX’s website (www.asutex.com). Communications will be received by members of the Compliance Body and handled in accordance with the Internal Information System Policy. It is stressed that the Ethics Channel should only be used for matters strictly related to the ETHICAL CODE. Any misuse of this channel for other purposes may result in disciplinary action. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE APPLICATION OR INTERPRETATION OF THIS ETHICAL CODE, YOU CAN CONTACT THE ETHICS COMMITTEE DIRECTLY BY SENDING YOUR ENQUIRY TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS: canaletico@asutex.com