As part of the development of our compliance management system at APLICACIÓN Y SUMINISTROS TEXTILES, S.A.U (hereinafter “ASUTEX”), we have provided a Whistleblower Channel to prevent, identify and appropriately respond to conduct that violates our internal regulations and that is legally applicable.

Through Block Channel GT (our Ethical Channel), ASUTEX employees, distributors and customers can notify us about any irregularities, non-compliance or inappropriate conduct that violates our ethical standards at ASUTEX. These standards are detailed in our internal regulations and ethical code, and they govern the behaviour of ASUTEX employees and partners.

Block Channel GT (our ethical channel) can be accessed via the following link, which is provided on our website:

Block Channel GT is managed by an external provider and is supported by Blockchain technology, thus guaranteeing the security, independence and immutability of the information provided.

Block Channel GT ensures confidentiality for the informant and even enables information to be provided entirely anonymously. Anonymous communication prevents anyone within the organisation, even within the Block Channel GT management body, from knowing the identity of the informant, unless said informant chooses to reveal this information.

Block Channel GT meets all the technical and procedural requirements laid out in Spanish Law 2/2023 of 20 February, regulating the protection of persons who report on regulatory and anti-corruption infringements, and also complies with all Personal Data Protection regulations.

All information received through Block Channel GT is managed by an independent team of experts outside of the company, as well as our own Compliance Body at ASUTEX, to ensure the appropriate measures are adopted.