Our dyes division works in synergy with all the other departments, to provide best solutions to any kind of applications and different fibres. Our range of dyes can be used to dye cotton, polyester, polyamide, wool, acrylic and its blends

For cotton, according to application and fastness required, we can provide Asufast, Asufix, Asudel, Asufix DEL, Sulfotex; for Polyester fibre our range of disperse range Asuperse, for Polyamide and Wool we offer Nylacid or Asumet dyes and for Acrylic and CDP our range of Asucryl dyes.

ASUFAST is our range of direct dyes: inherently substantive to cotton and other cellulosic fibres, easy to use, and provides a wide range of shades with acceptable fastness

ASUFIX is our range of reactive dyes; they provide excellent fastness and brilliant shades through different dyeing methods.

ASUDEL is our range of selected dyes to achieve particular vintage effect. Specially designed for garment dyeing to obtain high contrast on the seams, can be applied also by exhaustion or continuous on knitted and woven fabric.

ASUFIX DEL is our range of reactive dyes , specially designed to be dischargeable with potassium permanganate or its environmentally friendly substitutes

SULFOTEX is our complete range of sulphur dyes for medium or heavy shades on cotton and blends, designed for continuous to be dyed by pad steam or pad-ox,  are the ideal combination for indigo in warp dyeing machines to obtain a variety of shades

ASUPERSE is our range of disperse dyes, to dye polyester, it is worth to remark our range of Asuperse ST for technical fabrics and PES/ elastane substrates for sportwear outlets that demand high washing fastness

NYLACID , ASUMET, are our range of acid dyes and premetallized dyes to be applied on polyamide and wool

ASUCRYL  is our range of dyes for Acrylic fibre and CPD