Grennovative is the primary driver of Asutex developments: innovation through sustainability.

We strongly support reducing energy and water by developing products that encourage the shift to more sustainable textile production. This collection is designed with products and processes especially developed to save water and energy.

The Mo(i)st is our most recent development: a disruptive proprietary process that exploits the intrinsic features of any element to obtain an effective result with:

  • 60-70% less water
  • 80-85% energy saved
  • no salt

Ask for more info here at the stand; we are happy to introduce you to this extraordinary achievement!

The Mo(i)st follows over 10 years of sustainable developments:

Asucel WFC

The FIRST water-free enzyme compound to replace pumice stone.

Asucel WFC is the first stone wash enzyme to work without water or temperature.

Thanks to the excellent abrasion that it provides, ASUCEL WFC does not require the use of pumice stone in the process.

This property turns the process into a more sustainable and productive application.


Oximagic 200 works very well on indigo and its mixtures in the same way potassium permanganate does, but it's a non-dangerous chemical, and it's also certified


This is our dischargeable reactive dyestuff range.

It can be dyed directly on cotton or on cationized fibres depending on the desired effect and properties. With one single range, we can cover a big variety of fashion requirements. No matter if it is on woven or knitted fabrics, with ASUFIX DEL we can fulfill the strictest demands.

EcoFinish HL

allows a bio-polish process without water.

No temperature is required during application as the temperature comes from the dyeing process.

It does not affect the original shade of garments, respects the tear strength of fabrics, and provides an excellent effect of abrasion and weary appearance to the dyed garments.

Compound Samba PES

is a process that uses the exact amount of dyes, chemicals,

and water that garments need, resulting in zero wastewater coming out of the dyeing process. It’s used to get white seams effect on both cotton and polyester garments. The resulting fastness is improved, and the garments treated maintain original hydrophilicity for better moisture management.

For exhaustion application, we provide our certified steady and reliable range: ASUPRINT ECO BS.


This process allows dyeing synthetic fibres with pigments by exhaustion and provides a weary effect with hi-lows in seams and trimmings as well as the characteristic frosty effect from pigments on synthetic goods. In addition, the whole process is a more sustainable method than conventional synthetic dyeing processes. Machines used to dye with ASUFROST remain very clear despite using pigments and fastness values, in general, are better as compared to conventional pigment dyeing on cotton. Goods dyed with ASUFROST maintain original hydrophilicity and breathability.