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Environmental Commitment

We are aware of the impact generated by the textile sector on the environment and, for this reason, our strong commitment is to minimize this process of deterioration, through a responsible and conscious industrial activity, caring for ecology from the heart of the production itself.


We purify

We dedicate full attention to the zero discharge of our wastewater through its reuse, both in daily cleaning but also by incorporating it as far as possible into the manufacturing process, aiming for a responsible consumption of an essential basic resource such as water.

Purification (coagulation + flocculation + decantation)

The wash water of the production equipment is drawn towards the coagulation tank, where the pH is adjusted, and some additives are added to promote the agglomeration of the flocs.

After that, the water is transferred to a second flocculation tank and from here to a primary decanter where the floccule is separated from the clear water, that is subsequently transported to the biological tank.

Forced circulated evaporation: from the biological deposit the water is transferred to a boiler that works under vacuum and, therefore, does not require high temperatures to be evaporated. After the evaporation, the gas is compressed and passes to a plate exchanger where it is condensed and transformed into distilled water, which is then reused for production processes.

The floccules are taken to a thickener tank where they are centrifuged, separating the purified water from the sludge, that is the final waste to be disposed.


We recycle

The commitment for the use of containers made of recycled materials facilitates the extension of their life cycle.


We contribute to the waste recycling

We are committed to recycling following a rigorous waste selection process. In this way, the possible by-products generated can be used in other industrial activities.


We use renewable energy

Through a solar panels system installed in our facilities, we generate a large amount of renewable energy that meets all the needs of ASUTEX, being the remaining energy injected into the public network to contribute to local supply.


We develop ecofriendly products

Our R & D department works to develop ecofriendly products that at the same time satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers without altering their effectiveness.


We develop safe products for the textile industry

We have as a priority the development of ecological products free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, arylamines and other restricted substances, aiming to be safe both during their handling and in their final application for garments, thus complying with all regulations and certificates.


Renovation of application processes

We work daily in the renovation and adaptation of conventional processes to achieve the application of our products in a sustainable way, promoting savings in energy and water consumption, avoiding pollution as much as possible.