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Asufix del

Is a dischargeable reactive dyestuff range to obtain denim looks on colored garments, keeping the original fastnesses of reactive dyes.

With Asufix Del it's possible to dye in a conventional way and on cationized goods to obtain several effects such as stone washed, located fade out, worn-out effect, random bleach, etc.

In addition, the Asufix DEL range is sensitive to ozone treatments and other alternatives to potassium permanganate, like Oximagic 200, Asumagic ECO, and Ecowhite AW, being highly versatile for sustainable finishing solutions.

Asufix DEL can be applied in continuous and discontinuous processes or in garment dyeing process.

Asufix DEL is compliant with the main certifications


Biopolish process without water or temperature (temperature comes from the dyeing process)

Ecofinish HL application does not affect the original shade of garments, respects the tear strength of fabrics, and provides an excellent effect of abrasion and weary appearance to the dyed garments.

Ecofinish HL avoids the redeposition of hydrolysed colour on dyed goods by reactive dyes.

Ecofinish HL is compliant with the main certifications

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