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I + D

Nowadays, in such a highly competitive market as the global one is, only the companies that bet heavily on innovation do survive.

APLICACIÓN Y SUMINISTROS TEXTILES S.A. (ASUTEX)`s vocation has always been to compete globally where the textile market moves. This challenge can only be achieved by betting decisively for development and innovation in products and processes to fulfill the highest demands of a constantly evolving industry.

It is for this reason that we count in our headquarters in Barcelona with four laboratories specialized in developing chemicals, dyes, printing and coating, as well as dyeing processes and special effects for garment and last, but not least, with a highly qualified team.
In these labs 18 people going from technicians, chemists and textile engineers, work together to meet the demands of the textile market.

Some of their designs are as follows:

All this without neglecting the toxicological and environmental safety that require major European regulations (Oeko-Tex, GOTS, …) and those specific to each particular brand (Clear-to-Wear (Inditex), H & M, Levi’s …).

Our team of researchers can count also on the most advanced equipment and instrumentation to carry out their work:

All this is for our R + D + i a matter of continuous development of textile products and processes, which allows us to offer our customers the last improvements in supplies and applications that provide highly satisfactory results with considerable savings in water, energy and time, all with the added value of being greener, cleaner and safer.